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cosplay_police's Journal

Cosplay Popo
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About The Cosplay Police

We're everywhere. Every convention you go to, there's are always going to be those people there who rip on cosplayers. Why? Because we can. Why? Because most of you look stupid. Why? Because most of you are ugly. Why? Because you need to take off that ridiculous thing you're wearing and go back into hiding in your mother's basement. Granted, we're not TOTAL assholes. We're a community that is blunt, honest, and will say exactly what we think of people in the cosplay community. If you think you have what it takes to meet our approval, and be stamped as a Cosplay Police Approved Cosplayer, then don't be shy...

This community is moderated by _cheech and _chong, and serves a number of purposes. We do you the pleasure of telling you what we REALLY think, when nobody else will. We'll also be posting a weekly TABLIOD, called The Cosplay Smackdown. I bet you're all looking forward to that. You cosplayers looooove gossip and drama, so we figured we'd make it easier for you by posting all your dirty laundry here to dry. ;D

But most of all, we just have fun. If you'd like to lay THE SMACKDOWN along with us, go ahead and join in! Be forewarned though, if you are a cosplayer and want to rate other cosplayers, you won't get in because you have "status". We couldn't give a fuck less WHO you are. If you're approved to vote, it will be because you have TALENT (and being hot helps). See details below. :)

Joining The Community - Rules

  • Post at least THREE pics of yourself in costume, and we'll take a YES or NO vote... of which majority wins. We would also prefer that you include an out-of-costume pic too, so we can see what you REALLY look like underneathe all that shit you have on. Then you will be "stamped" (approved or banned). If you are really ugly, or you just look like shit, we'll be sure to let you know. But even if you look like dogshit, if you can sew and have kick ass costumes, rock on. Once you are approved and have recieved a stamp you are free to vote on others, talk shit, and just make comments and posts in general. If you are not approved, you will be banned from posting all-together... because you suck THAT hard. :)

  • If you troll, whine, bitch, etc etc.. we will make fun of you, rip you a few new assholes, and then ban you because you're an idiot.


    #1 We don't EVER want to see Tasuki looking like this again.. EVER.

    #2 Mai needs to stop eating lard and get the hell away from anywhere near a camera.

    #3 Yes, that is a good idea.

    #4 "I snuck into mom's make up, shh."

    #5 Not only is Ken an excellent gardener, he is also a certified diver and pedophile.